This series of environmental portraits captures a wide spectrum of Cabbagetown, a historic mill town near downtown Atlanta. These portraits are about the generational divide between Cabbagetown residents and the gentrification of the neighborhood. Each resident feels a deep connection and kinship in the neighborhood, from the oldest mill workers to the youngest hipsters. How can each generation be so different, yet feel such a sense of home in the same place? These portraits delve into their lives to find the similarities and differences that makes the people and the place unique.

Historically, a portrait provides representation of an individual and creates memories by recording moments of significance between family and friends. These memories allow us to connect and be a part of something; they help validate our existence. Ben left England 11 years to pursue an education in America. He's been living in a culture he's not familiar with away from family and friends. Since he's been here, he has developed new friendships, married and now has a new extended family. These portraits are about reaffirming Ben's connections with family and friends in England, while acknowledging the new relationships and family he has established in the US. These photographs portray an interaction and connection between the subjects and Ben, ultimately representing a sense of the intimate.

Portraits of some of the cast and crew from HBO's Banshee and AMC's The Walking Dead.

The Sweet Auburn Curb Market has been an Atlanta fixture since 1923. Worldly foods, strange produce, mouth-watering pastries, local start-ups, and colorful characters are everyday sights at the Curb Market. Raftermen got a unique opportunity to turn their lenses on the merchants and customers, documenting a day in the life at the Curb Market.

Who doesn't love a good cookbook? And who has a bigger appetite than the two Raftermen boys? Shooting these treats for Discover America was, well... a real treat! Our images were the backbone of a culinary guide through the States to help encourage and inspire travelers to visit every corner of America.

We got a unique opportunity to pitch to our friends at VML for their client, Krispy Kreme. We wanted to give them something a little different - something that harkened back to their mom-and-pop roots when they opened in 1937. We visited a Krispy Kreme on National Donut Day and photographed real customers enjoying their donuts. Many of the people in these photos had never had a Krispy Kreme donut before!

We've worked with Elizabeth since before we became Raftermen. Our photography of her has been featured on magazine covers, in calendars, and on billboard-sized banners. This is just a sample of our favorite shoots with her!

We don't normally do concerts or music festivals, but we're certainly not going to say no! There's nothing quite like the energy that goes on in the pit. You're so close, font man's sweat is on your lens, the crowd strains at your back, and the bass deafens all your other senses.

During a shoot for Quickshot Gun Range, Raftermen met dozens of gun owners. As a spin-off idea, we put firearms lovers and their favorite weapons in our sights.